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Art Collaboration

Ida Turnsic and Wilfried Mille - currently exhibited in Centre Pompidou Museum, Paris

Who are they ?

Ida and Wilfried are creating paintings inspired by popular culture, TV shows, glamorous images, pornography and film extracts. They are questioning the hierarchy between images in our contemporary world overloaded with pictures. They also like to work with anonymous raw material, coming directly from the web and social medias.

Nominated this year for the most important contemporary art prize, the prize Marcel Duchamp, they are currently exhibited at the centre Pompidou. They are represented by the gallery Max Hetzler.

The collaboration project – why working together ?

Flowers and bright colors, glamorous and gorgeous, these are the reasons why we began working together to create the series ICONIC. The name itself is a reference to pop culture and charming female character. Ida and Wilfried, with their ability to divert images and ideas, worked on the timeless models of stiletto heels by Olgana Paris. The sole of the shoe is like the soul of the woman wearing it, hidden and mysterious. Chic and classical at first sight, you have to bend and look from under to see the funny and wild side of the shoe, just like the woman.

Between shoe and art – uniqueness under your soles

How does it work ? Absolutely any pair of shoes available on the store is ready to be customized by Ida and Wilfried. You pick your model, you pick the art work you want to see under your soles, and we send your model to the artists to create the uniqueness. Artworks are available in a menu on the page of each item of the collection for you to pick.

As simple as a click and a unique part of contemporary and glamorous art work is your at your feet.

And now some examples

Les Attanchantes Turquoise made unique with Bianco bichon, art work from 2017

Les Amazones Nude with Pink Mink highlighted with L’inquiétante licorne pachydermique, from 2018

And when Ida and Wilfried turn wild your Elegantes boots from toes to soles with Landscape, work from 2018


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